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Where did August go? Honestly, I need to know what time is doing to speed up so fast!

Then I can do that, too, and find a way to finish my writing projects before the end of the year. My current vampire-bashing WIP (which grew into two very complex books not just about bashing vampires), and my kid's story about a wizard (which is growing way too dark for children) are both crawling along at a snail's pace.

But at the same time, I desperately want it to be October and November. Supernatural, Sherlock, Thor 2, Catching Fire. Oh, this fall is going to be so amazing!

In other news, I need to stop spending money on cute dresses, especially stuff from Korea on e-Bay. But they're all just so precious, I can't help myself! :)
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Several months after trying out BBC's Merlin, I'm happy to say that I've finally grown addicted. Just began the second season, and while the stories still seem to be Evil Overt Magic vs. Good Subtle Magic, with Uther being an unsympathetic jerk and Arthur a more sympathetic jerk, it's really grown on me. Morgana and Guinevere are definitely girls I'd love to invite over for a tea party. :D

Also, I'm very tempted to write an AU fanfic taking up after this scene. When I'm not wondering where one of the guys from PotC got all those random black feathers, that is. (The tomb, perhaps?)

Something tells me that a temporary Evil!Merlin would be very, very fun. (Or does that happen later in the series, since Evil Sorceror of Evilness Unfathomed was just locked up, instead of destroyed? No, wait, don't answer that.)
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I am a huge fan of the horrifically awesome TV show "Hannibal." *ducks pitchforks* Have been so ever since a tumblr friend spammed GIFs, and I realized that Mads Mikkelsen (AKA, one of my mom's fave actors) plays the famed cannibal.

I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, but while working through the comments in Cleolinda's hysterical recap series, all I can think of is this thread. BRB, I'm just going to go flail for a few solid hours.
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I. CANNOT. CONTAIN. MY. EXCITEMENT. The only thing keeping me from screaming my head off is the fact that I'm at work. :D
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The newest addition is . . . Pushing Daisies. I'd already been curious, since it has Lee Pace from The Fall and The Hobbit and Anna Friel from Our Mutual Friend. Kristin Chenoweth was an added bonus I wasn't even aware of. Watching [livejournal.com profile] msantimacassar fangirl over it finally made me get around to watching it. (Thank you SO MUCH!) It's completely ridiculous, yet utterly adorable. I just want to eat pie and watch it all day long. I got my Mom hooked on it, too, and she says Ned is a doll. :)

And now, apparently, they might try to bring it back again as a movie, like Veronica Mars. Is this real, or is this fantasy? I don't know. But it's exciting, nonetheless.

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I'm trying to NOT let Tolkien and Austen dominate my current repertoire of icons. It's not working. :) (Those two seem to dominate pretty much every aspect of my life . . .)

Also, I am now about halfway through Season 2 of Downton Abbey, and there is just so much to digest! My goodness! I think the only way to get even half my thoughts on the page is to devote one paragraph to each character.

Since that will take a while, I'll start with the various Crawleys.

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. . . I finally watched the very first episode of Downton Abbey earlier this week. That took much longer than it should for any self-respecting period drama fanatic.

And I was fully satisfied that I made the right choice in just buying the entire first season, trusting the good taste of my friends. ;) It boggles my mind just how well the stage was set for all these characters to go about their various schemes, well-meaning or not-so-well-meaning.

And now I just want a week off to catch up on every single episode! Maggie Smith was magnificent, as expected. Michelle Dockery was sublime, as expected. (I don't know why Mary hated wearing black--her black dress was SPECTACULAR, and suited her very well indeed.) There were some elements I was definitely NOT expecting, though. *cough* An . . . unconventional illustration of why you do NOT dally with a Duke. *cough*

I don't know how I'm going to tip-toe around spoilers on tumblr, though. This is going to be quite the challenge!

Feel free to spam me with GIFs from the first episode--I'm having a hard time finding some amidst all the rest of them!

Fandom Fun

Feb. 2nd, 2013 02:34 pm
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Guess what came in the mail today?

Photobucket Photobucket

It's so cool! Batman + pink = bliss. My only complaint: it's bigger than I had thought. I'd hoped it would be easier to slip in a purse. Oh, well. :)

In other news, I also got Tokio Hotel's "Humanoid" CD. This makes the third TH CD/DVD I've gotten in a month. Addicted? Yes. Very much so.
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SUPERNATURAL IS COMING BACK TONIGHT!!! ETA: I found out it's actually not back until the 16th. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT TWO MORE WEEKS?!

Excitement despair abounds! I've been on serious withdrawal for the last couple weeks or so. How serious? I've contracted another obsession. I think my subconscious was trying to offer a temporary replacement. And now my goth/emo side is having a field day getting me addicted to Tokio Hotel. (I don't talk too much about being semi-goth on this blog, since I like this one to be bright and cheery, but there you have it. I'm like Morticia or Wednesday Addams sometimes.) I've spent the last week catching up on stuff that was all the rage in 2008. I never thought I'd actually enjoy music from a boy band. *crawls away and hides*
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The cast was perfection. The cast was amazing. The cast was every bit as good as it was in LotR (especially since a lot of old friends were able to come round again).

Oh, and did I mention that the cast made the movie?

I had high expectations for Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage already, thanks to Martin's performance as John Watson in BBC's Sherlock and Armitage's roles in North and South and Spooks.

But they still blew me away completely. I think I'll be in a mild state of pleasant shock for a while.

More excited fan rambling . . . )

Some fans were wondering if anybody would be able to pull off the whole "heartthrob" Dwarf thing. Guess what? Thorin sure did. I'm now a believer, albeit a bewildered one.
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*bounces in* I hate crowds and noise, so instead of braving brick-and-mortar stores this Black Friday, I just went shopping on Amazon and Etsy. And got meself Supernatural and Within Temptation goodies. (And also a gift or two.)

*bounces out*

P.S--Those Facebook ads for Harry Potter and Hobbit goodies almost got to me. Almost.

Double P.S.--Just read the first Game of Thrones book. A few bits grossed me out (not surprisingly), but overall, I loved it. Brand new Stark fangirl right here, especially with regard to Eddard and Jon Snow. *sobs* Gushing commentary pending. I also want to make up a house saying for my family, like "Winter is coming" of the Starks. Then I realized it wasn't worth it. "Where's the remote?" or "WHO ATE ALL THE SALSA?!" fits us perfectly, but just doesn't sound as epic.
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The Epica concert was everything I had hoped for and more. (With emphasis on more--I forgot my earplugs. *headdesk*)

For anyone who's curious, here's the best photo I was able to take. Yes, Simone Simons is the Dutch version of flawless.

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Hello, all! Last few days have been a whirlwind of busy-ness and fatigue. (I say busy-ness instead of business, because there was nothing business-y about it. Yes, I'm feeling like butchering my native--and only--language today.) Fun, but not fun, because I've been separated from my preciousssss, the internet and the people on it. :D

But now I must fangirl over the premiere of Supernatural Season 8. This is special to me in so many ways, because for the first time, I'm caught up on a TV series just as it's actually, factually happening. That is an awesome feeling, minus the suspense rendered by commercials and waiting an entire week for the next episode. I'm used to blazing through 2 to 4 episodes a day.

Without dropping too many spoilers, let's just say I really enjoyed the episode, but felt it just a tad off. Like they had to amble through a set-up of the premise that really felt like nothing had happened, and the good stuff was still to come. Best part of the episode was, by far, our boys being reunited for the bajillionth time. That will never, ever get old.

And neither will this GIF. :D

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Let me repeat that, ladies and gentlemen.


Excuse me while I flail for the rest of the evening. I don't think I'll get any sleep, I'm so excited!

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And I'm trying to arrange my thoughts to form coherent sentences. It's not quite working.


Let me see if I can compose myself . . .


Enraptured rambling ahead . . . )
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