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You tell those gents, Mrs. Hudson! :D
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This is beyond cool. I can't wait to try it!
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It's been too quiet here on my journal lately. Time to spruce things up! A lot of you already know about some of my musical favorites, but others I don't talk about here much. (Mostly because it doesn't fit with the Jane Austen/LotR/PotC vibe I got going, and I like to keep on theme.) So I'm just going to post a series of spamfests. :)

First up, symphonic rock! Within Temptation here is my favorite band of all time. (Have I mentioned that yet?) My writing muse loves this music to bits.

And more faves this way... )
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Several months after trying out BBC's Merlin, I'm happy to say that I've finally grown addicted. Just began the second season, and while the stories still seem to be Evil Overt Magic vs. Good Subtle Magic, with Uther being an unsympathetic jerk and Arthur a more sympathetic jerk, it's really grown on me. Morgana and Guinevere are definitely girls I'd love to invite over for a tea party. :D

Also, I'm very tempted to write an AU fanfic taking up after this scene. When I'm not wondering where one of the guys from PotC got all those random black feathers, that is. (The tomb, perhaps?)

Something tells me that a temporary Evil!Merlin would be very, very fun. (Or does that happen later in the series, since Evil Sorceror of Evilness Unfathomed was just locked up, instead of destroyed? No, wait, don't answer that.)
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Verily, the world has needed this many a year. I do wish some good soul had brought this into the world sooner. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH THEE!
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*twirls around* I love this song!
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Help, I've fangirled and I can't get up. God help me when the full trailer gets uploaded on YouTube in all its HD glory. I'm not kidding when I say my wailing made my Mom come into my room to wonder why it started sounding like a torture chamber. :)

* * *


No words. NO. WORDS.
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I double dog dare you. I'm not one for dares, because they're stupid, but I feel something this stupid funny is worth it. My brother showed it to me the other day, and I literally fell off the bed laughing. This is goofing off at its very finest.
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*twirls around* I love this song. :)
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January 28th is almost here. Even though I've been beating my head against a wall, I still haven't come up with anything I feel is truly splendid enough for a Pride and Prejudice bicentennial celebration. All I've got is a post series about why I love P&P (and why it's not "just another romance novel" at all). And, of course, a big icon post in the making. So I'm going to do that, though I may be a trifle late, since I'm having a hard time organizing all my ideas.

In other news, my siblings and I watched The Sword in the Stone for the first time in FOREVER today. Blast from the past! We completely forgot how funny the squirrel scene was. I think "She can't be sidetracked!" is going to become one of my new favorite quotes. :)

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Yet another addictive "Celtic Woman" song. :)
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This song never fails to move me, especially the lines

But they might as well go chasin' after moonbeams,
or light a penny candle from a star

following the bit about strangers trying to change the ways of others. So hauntingly beautiful, and so easy to identify. I'm pretty sure most of us have felt and resented pressure, both direct and indirect, to sacrifice our true colors (reference to another Celtic Woman song FTW!) and fit in with the rest of the boring world.

Not happening. Carrying on!
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Rachel Portman is a genius, especially at capturing Emma's mischievous side. :)
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. . . with my real-life BFF. I have a LOT of quibbles with the storyline and character changes in Love Never Dies, but I still love the music itself. And the costumes--always the costumes. I want that entire outfit that Anna O'Byrne (who is now my second-favorite Christine Daae of all time) is wearing. Or, at the very least, that lovely necklace! :)


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