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Frozen was almost an instant favorite with me. The first few times I watched it, there was a familiar quality to the story that I just couldn't put my finger on, but I dismissed it, and sang along to "Let it Go" for the thousandth time. Then it hit me:
Elsa's and Anna's personalities parallel the personalities of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood.

To feel or not to feel . . . )
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Hello, all! Sorry I've been pretty much MIA, as of late. I'll try to be better about keeping things lively here.

Lately, I realized I have a lot of unfinished writing projects. Over a period of five to seven years, these stories have been slowly congregating into one big, inter-connected saga, with huge time jumps in between some of the books. Rather like Tolkien's works, which is half coincidence and half not.

I'm tired of leaving these stories alone for weeks at a time, so I'm challenging myself to work at least a little bit every single day. I want this saga, big and cumbersome though it is, to be DONE in five years. I want the crux point, which was suppposed to be one novel and ended up growing into a trilogy, to be done in two.

I think I'm crazy. But I'm happier for coming to this decision, so I'll be crazy and happy. :)

Hope you're all doing well!
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I keep hearing and reading this same theme everywhere: if you're an adult and you love Frozen, you're either a parent or an anomaly. Just because a movie is made for children doesn't mean you have to justify liking it as an adult. Children's films and books have a sophistication all their own. You take a deep, complex theme and put it in simple, vivid imagery that resonates with all age groups.

What, I ask you, is childish about that? I think that's actually pretty mature.

Part of me is wondering if this theme is circulating just because Frozen is popular, and some people have to be special snowflakes and act reluctant. >:)
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I'm finally caught up on Downton Abbey, having watched episodes 2 and 3 today. And I am NOT okay with anything going on in Anna's storyline right now. I didn't think anything could bother me more than deaths of Sybil and Matthew--congratulations, this does. I get sympathetic trauma the way some people get sympathetic stomach pains. I can't imagine how people who actually have bad memories that can be triggered would feel about this.

On a much pleasanter note, I saw a semi-modern take on The Taming of the Shrew this evening. It was lots of fun, if a little eccentric in its execution, and I now I HAVE to see Kiss Me Kate again. :)

Also, I saw a mercifully preserved recording of a simple made-for-TV musical of Cinderella. Starring teenage Julie Andrews. I tell you, she's the MOST adorable thing I've ever seen in my life in that role. The musical itself is a pretty corny, but it's absolutely worth it, if only for baby Julie Andrews and her Fairy Trollmother. (If you watch it, you'll see why I think the godmother's a total troll having way too much fun. I got my copy with the Netflix DVD option.)
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I thought it was Tuesday today. Since Tuesday always means morning shift at my call center job, I drove to the call center. And didn't realize it was Monday until my supervisor told me. Commence headdesk, apologies to bosses at both jobs, and a hurried drive to my retail job, luckily clocking in only 30 minutes late. People joked, and that was it. But boy, did my pride STING. Here I'm trying to be extra competent to land a coordinator position (which I'd been expecting for what, a year now, pending availability?).

I'm just going to blame my Tuesday fixation on Supernatural. Winchesters and resident angel of mischief, you life-ruiners, you. (LOVED the first episode, BTW, though I don't like Hael at all and semi-like Ezekiel. Not excited that all new female characters get on my nerves, except Charlie.)

I just hope and pray I don't wake up tomorrow and think it's Wednesday. O.O

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credit shadowtraveller

I like the costumes (especially the dresses) and the cast (Morgana and Gwen are darling!) and the scenery. But the stories . . . well, they're kinda underwhelming. (Don't get me started on how I'm still wondering WHY Merlin has to be as young as Arthur.) I just finished the episode introducing Lancelot. And now it seems every episode goes as follows: )
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I'm trying to NOT let Tolkien and Austen dominate my current repertoire of icons. It's not working. :) (Those two seem to dominate pretty much every aspect of my life . . .)

Also, I am now about halfway through Season 2 of Downton Abbey, and there is just so much to digest! My goodness! I think the only way to get even half my thoughts on the page is to devote one paragraph to each character.

Since that will take a while, I'll start with the various Crawleys.

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To the many online dating websites out there . . . I cordially hate all your ads in all mediums. Especially those of Christian Mingle. Not preacher's wife material, sorry--I'm cynical and anti-social, at best. If I want to go hunting for a man, I'll do it my own way, thanks. (And that's putting it mildly.) Leave me alone.

On a more positive note, I had a fun conversation with a customer at work about Hinduism, Sarah Brightman, writing, and photography--especially sunset photos. I found out she's won a lot of contests and has been featured on the local public TV station. I hope I didn't talk her ear off--once I get comfortable talking, I can't shut up. LOL. Little chats like that make working retail a little less of a pain. :)
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SUPERNATURAL IS COMING BACK TONIGHT!!! ETA: I found out it's actually not back until the 16th. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT TWO MORE WEEKS?!

Excitement despair abounds! I've been on serious withdrawal for the last couple weeks or so. How serious? I've contracted another obsession. I think my subconscious was trying to offer a temporary replacement. And now my goth/emo side is having a field day getting me addicted to Tokio Hotel. (I don't talk too much about being semi-goth on this blog, since I like this one to be bright and cheery, but there you have it. I'm like Morticia or Wednesday Addams sometimes.) I've spent the last week catching up on stuff that was all the rage in 2008. I never thought I'd actually enjoy music from a boy band. *crawls away and hides*
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Photobucket switched one of my accounts to its new, updated version which does NOT allow me to copy links for my icons all at the same time. I'm not copying 20+ link codes icon by icon, so off I go to switch back to the old version, like I did with another account I use more often.

Guess what? Photobucket won't let me switch back.

I may just throw a ladylike hissy fit. Don't know how to manage that, but I'll figure it out, if I can't figure out how to get my links the way I need them. Blasted website! I'm wanting to to post some icons of The Importance of Being Earnest. Maybe I need to go Bunburying in order to sort this out.

ETA: It finally switched back to the old version for me. I just had to try it multiple times. YAY!

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The cast was perfection. The cast was amazing. The cast was every bit as good as it was in LotR (especially since a lot of old friends were able to come round again).

Oh, and did I mention that the cast made the movie?

I had high expectations for Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage already, thanks to Martin's performance as John Watson in BBC's Sherlock and Armitage's roles in North and South and Spooks.

But they still blew me away completely. I think I'll be in a mild state of pleasant shock for a while.

More excited fan rambling . . . )

Some fans were wondering if anybody would be able to pull off the whole "heartthrob" Dwarf thing. Guess what? Thorin sure did. I'm now a believer, albeit a bewildered one.
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Thank you [livejournal.com profile] rolliraserin and [livejournal.com profile] princessjune for the lovely V-gifts! *hugs*

How was the end of October for everyone? Good? Bad? Meh? Weird?

For me, I'd have to go with weird. Lots of crazy stuff happening at work lately.

Our store has had to call for paramedics twice, in two consecutive days. )
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. . . that I have Avengers fever. And I've got it bad. How bad? Let's just say The Avengers is the first movie that I've ever seen twice in the theater, within the first week it was released. I might even see it again in the theater, if opportunity presents itself. And probably buy it the second it's available on Blu-ray.

credit sambelcher.

What can I say? I've a huge weak spot for men in costume--especially dark-haired villains. :)
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Here are the culprits.

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I'm so happy to have a day off that I can devote to writing!

So why am I enjoying wasting time on the internet?

Because it's fun!

All right, off to be productive. Hope everybody has a nice day!


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