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Hullo, everyone! Hope you are doing well.

Phoenix Comicon was a blast, despite a scare with an armed nutjob on Thursday, horrific organization Friday, and a prop weapons ban for the rest of the con. Will post pictures when I have the energy. And also blog about the books I've been slowly thumbing through and the manga I blazed through with abandon.

A personal post may also be in the works, my moods have swung particularly extreme lately, and life seems to equal fatigue and lack of patience.

What's been happening in your neck of the woods?
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I have a mouth full of cavities. I don't know if stress, moodiness, or laziness is to blame, but I'm blaming myself because I used to have perfect oral hygiene. I'm still on my parents' insurance, so most of it will be covered, but it's a bitter blow to the pride. Guess who's going to be brushing her teeth four freaking times a day now? *rolls eyes*
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I thought it was Tuesday today. Since Tuesday always means morning shift at my call center job, I drove to the call center. And didn't realize it was Monday until my supervisor told me. Commence headdesk, apologies to bosses at both jobs, and a hurried drive to my retail job, luckily clocking in only 30 minutes late. People joked, and that was it. But boy, did my pride STING. Here I'm trying to be extra competent to land a coordinator position (which I'd been expecting for what, a year now, pending availability?).

I'm just going to blame my Tuesday fixation on Supernatural. Winchesters and resident angel of mischief, you life-ruiners, you. (LOVED the first episode, BTW, though I don't like Hael at all and semi-like Ezekiel. Not excited that all new female characters get on my nerves, except Charlie.)

I just hope and pray I don't wake up tomorrow and think it's Wednesday. O.O

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Leave me a comment o' randomness; your favorite quote, the best sandwich in the world, a good song lyric, what color pants you're wearing, and I'll respond with five questions you can answer in your own LJ leaving with them an open invitation for other people to give you comments o' randomness. Then you can ask them questions and before you know it we'll all know everything about everyone.

I was tagged by [livejournal.com profile] florencia7, so here goes!

1. What is your favorite book adaptation of all time?
Oh my goodness, that's a tough one! If I absolutely have to choose, it's the 1995 Pride and Prejudice mini-series. Basically, I want every. single. one. of Jane Austen's books to be adapted in something that lengthy. Especially Mansfield Park, because I feel somebody needs to adapt it in way to show haters just how strong Fanny Price is, even if they do think she's only a mouse.

2. If you could have any fictional character for a brother/sister, who would it be?
Brother: probably Laurie from Little Women. That would be so much fun! Sister: Elinor Dashwood. I could always depend on her. :)

3. Which fandom inspired you to make your very first icons?
I think my very first icons, which I never posted and probably have deleted by now, were Pride and Prejudice and Lord of the Rings.

4. Summer days or winter nights?

5. What do you think heaven/afterlife is like?
I'm Christian, so I definitely believe we go before God and learn whether we're written in His Book of Life after we die. But after that, I'm not sure if we just rocket straight to heaven, since technically, as far as I know, the Bible never says, "And as soon as the elect die, they soar up into the heavens to abide there forever." It does talk about the kingdom Jesus establishes on earth after He comes back again, and also that we'll glorify Him eternally. So, long story short, I think when He comes back again, He'll restore our bodies to the glory we were intended to display before the Fall, and then we'll abide under His rule here on earth. But until then, I'm not entirely certain. I'll just trust on faith. (Sorry for long answer. ^^)
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This is the first time I've been online in three days. O.O In my defense, I was busy helping with two parties. The latter was a Doctor Who b-day party, which went rather well, even though not very many people showed. I promise to post tons of pictures for you all later, when I have time.

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May you relish a great day filled with song and laughter as well as food!

Tomorrow will be a busy and tiring day (at first, at least), so I'm sending my greetings now while I can. Even though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, thanks to all the food preparation, it's also pretty exhausting. Wish I could make it last longer! Thanksgiving seems to get the short end of the stick, being dwarfed by Halloween before and Christmas after. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person that thinks of Thanksgiving not only as a day of thanks, but a day of rest and serenity (after the cooking). This time of year always feels calming and soothing, somehow, in spite of everything else happening. A much-needed wind-down, to allow time to catch breath, and then actually enjoy each breath. :)
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Hello, all! Last few days have been a whirlwind of busy-ness and fatigue. (I say busy-ness instead of business, because there was nothing business-y about it. Yes, I'm feeling like butchering my native--and only--language today.) Fun, but not fun, because I've been separated from my preciousssss, the internet and the people on it. :D

But now I must fangirl over the premiere of Supernatural Season 8. This is special to me in so many ways, because for the first time, I'm caught up on a TV series just as it's actually, factually happening. That is an awesome feeling, minus the suspense rendered by commercials and waiting an entire week for the next episode. I'm used to blazing through 2 to 4 episodes a day.

Without dropping too many spoilers, let's just say I really enjoyed the episode, but felt it just a tad off. Like they had to amble through a set-up of the premise that really felt like nothing had happened, and the good stuff was still to come. Best part of the episode was, by far, our boys being reunited for the bajillionth time. That will never, ever get old.

And neither will this GIF. :D


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