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Just dropping this off here, because I was listening to it yesterday and it gave me fond memories and goosebumps all at once. These soundtracks will never not be awesome.

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This rendition of a classic song is so powerful, so emotive, I feel almost moved to tears whenever I hear it. Been playing it quite a bit the last couple weeks.
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Next up, Japanese rock, especially the genre visual kei. Visual kei is like a world unto itself. Visual kei artists and bands can incorporate any genre of music into their sound and feel, but they have their own unique look that sets them apart. Decadent and old-fashioned and otherworldly, but always glamorous and fascinating. It's amazing--not to mention addictive. :)

(I can't BEGIN to say how much this artist has influenced me. It would take weeks. Suffice to say, he worked very hard, and still works hard, to be an artist, and it encourages me to work hard on my writing.)

More vestiges of another world this way... )
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It's been too quiet here on my journal lately. Time to spruce things up! A lot of you already know about some of my musical favorites, but others I don't talk about here much. (Mostly because it doesn't fit with the Jane Austen/LotR/PotC vibe I got going, and I like to keep on theme.) So I'm just going to post a series of spamfests. :)

First up, symphonic rock! Within Temptation here is my favorite band of all time. (Have I mentioned that yet?) My writing muse loves this music to bits.

And more faves this way... )
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I can't begin to say how lovely it is to combine Vivaldi with a Frozen song. Yes, yes, yes, this is brilliant!

Also, I love this take on the same song, seemingly on the same set as well. ;)

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I recently started watching Naruto: Shippuden, and I love it. (Delving into anime again--I seem to go through stages sometimes.) Doomed heroes stubbornly pursuing their goals everywhere, it's like Christmas all over again! And now I'm totally obsessed with the song Blue Bird, both the original version and two fandubs. I don't know why, but this song speaks to me so much. The soaring melody and lyrics just really jive well with my mood the past month. :)

Songs this way.... )
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More and more, I'm developing a fascination for listening to the same song in several languages. It's just so engrossing, gauging the different tone each language lends to a song. Pretty much goes without saying that anything in the Romance languages sounds especially wonderful.

Here's "Let It Go" in French (possibly my favorite):

And German: )

And Italian: )

And Dutch: )

And Spanish: )

And Danish: )

And last, the language I'm really excited about, and can't wait until entire soundtrack is released, Japanese. I listen to a lot of Japanese music, especially rock, even though I know only five words or so. (Might be posting more about that later, if only to shake things up a bit.)

Can you tell I'm WAY too obsessed with this song? :)
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How is everyone? Hope you're all doing well.

I'm feeling way more festive than usual this year. (Usual meaning: not festive at all.) I'll be sending out Christmas cards later this week, so if anybody wants a card, last call! I feel like I suddenly realized I love cards of all kind, it's weird.

Now time for some obligatory Josh Groban. :) Is it just me, or is it hard to find a version of O Holy Night that does this lovely song justice? (Besides Celtic Woman, obviously,)

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*twirls around* I love this song!
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*twirls around* I love this song. :)
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This song (starts at 1:44 in the video, after a bit of dialogue with Josh and John Williams) is just so touching, delicate and swelling by turns. :)
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Yet another addictive "Celtic Woman" song. :)
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This song never fails to move me, especially the lines

But they might as well go chasin' after moonbeams,
or light a penny candle from a star

following the bit about strangers trying to change the ways of others. So hauntingly beautiful, and so easy to identify. I'm pretty sure most of us have felt and resented pressure, both direct and indirect, to sacrifice our true colors (reference to another Celtic Woman song FTW!) and fit in with the rest of the boring world.

Not happening. Carrying on!


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