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Dialogue sounds incredibly boring (it's Underworld, of course there's blood), but Kate Beckinsale back WITH SWORDS?!?! YES, PLEASE! Also, nice Akutagawa hairstyle.

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. . . and wow. The feels, man. THE FEELZ. I had been working up to watching this movie for months. That included a few weeks in which I listened to an audiobook of Laura Hillenbrand's novel (which was poignant and beautiful and brilliantly done). Any films to do with wars that actually took place are very hard for me to sit through, and this one was too, but I'm so glad I did.

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And I pretty much adore it! The animation is on-par with the sheer beauty in Legend of the Guardians (another icy treat), and also Tangled, naturally. There are a few bits of the story that irritated my logical side, though.

My biggest question: who acted as regent before Elsa's coronation?! That's, I don't know, A PRETTY BIG DEAL, I THINK. I know it really doesn't matter in the plot, but it sure matters to me. Also, sweet though Anna is, I wanted to slap her so hard while she was falling in love in milliseconds with Hans. Or at least throw my phone at the screen. My friend reminded me she was naive, but I have small patience for that. Being locked in a castle your entire life doesn't mean you don't know anything (she said her parents warned her about strangers when she was talking to Kristoff, after all). Oh, well. Princesses, what can you say? That said, I do adore Anna for literally draping herself against the wall while entangled in drapery. Because I've totally done that quite a few times myself, and I love seeing that in a movie. Admit it, that's what girls do. :D

Favorite part of the movie is, amusingly enough, right here on YouTube, if you're curious. Or just want to watch it for the bazillionth time, like me.

GAHHHH THE ANIMATION. Okay, squeeing aside, I gotta say I identify with Elsa almost as much as any Disney character I've ever seen. (Honorable mention goes also to Scar and Maleficent.) To give her an incredibly powerful gift, and then show how in spite of that, her worst enemy is her own internal fears that cripple and lock her in a vice of her own making . . . ugh. It literally gives me chills, it resonates so deeply. It's also lovely that she's voiced by Idina Menzel. Definitely quite a few similarities between Elphaba and Elsa.

After said ice castle scene, my favorite is definitely the ending scene. Hans, surprise surprise, turns out to be evil and kingdom-hungry, and not willing to give any acts of true love to save the day. Sven is quite worthy of being the one to deliver true love's kiss--but for once, true love's kiss doesn't take the stage. This time, the princess is redeemed by her own love for her sister in one heartbreaking sacrificial act. I can't even begin to say how much I love that, how perfect it is, and how I wish there were more movies like that. I hope Frozen and Hunger Games start a trend, and that trend never, ever ends.

Also, I think this movie was good for me on a personal level, because it's kinda scary just how much I see of myself and my own sister in Elsa and Anna, respectively. I'm not one for demonstrating affection, but I'm going to try to be careful in future to not make my baby sister feel shut out.


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