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Hope you all have a lovely and blessed holiday! <3
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Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed 2014! Now, off I go to watch Phantom of the Opera! :D

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Have a lovely day, and spoil yourselves with food and fandom!

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Drink copious amounts of tea! Watch movies! Eat cake! Geek out! And stay fabulous, darlings. :)

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May you relish a great day filled with song and laughter as well as food!

Tomorrow will be a busy and tiring day (at first, at least), so I'm sending my greetings now while I can. Even though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, thanks to all the food preparation, it's also pretty exhausting. Wish I could make it last longer! Thanksgiving seems to get the short end of the stick, being dwarfed by Halloween before and Christmas after. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person that thinks of Thanksgiving not only as a day of thanks, but a day of rest and serenity (after the cooking). This time of year always feels calming and soothing, somehow, in spite of everything else happening. A much-needed wind-down, to allow time to catch breath, and then actually enjoy each breath. :)
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To my fellow Americans: Happy 4th of July! I wish there was no such confining thing as distance, and we could all just plop down on a couch and watch National Treasure and Independence Day together. And vote on whether Riley Pool or Sean Bean's character is the best part of the movie. (I vote Sean Bean, anyway. Always Sean Bean.) No need to vote on the best part of Independence Day--hands down, that's Will Smith talking about wanting to be at a barbecue instead of fighting aliens.

Maybe I'll read a few pages of The Federalist Papers or something today. (I actually enjoy reading it--when I can tear myself away from reading fiction or stuff about ancient Egypt and ancient Gaul.) I feel like doing something special, especially since there's a chance I might miss fireworks this evening. I'm closing at work, and while we close at 8, if it's been rough, we might not even get out of there till 9. I'm crossing my fingers that business will be dead today--especially after 6 p.m. Maybe then corporate will see fit to not insist on keeping the store open as late as possible.

Maybe I'll repeat what I did last year--namely, watching The Young Victoria. Why, yes, I have a wry sense of humor. :)

Stay classy, ladies and gentlemen!
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And not just to my own Mom, but to all mothers out there. May you be appreciated every day of every year, not just today.
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Have a blessed day, everyone! ♥
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Hi, all! I'm rarely feeling hyper, but this is one of those few times that I do!

First off, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] msantimacassar's lovely suggestions and coaching, I have a pretty new layout. Thank you! Only thing is, for the life of me I can't figure out how to get rid of that lavender bar at the top of the page without messing everything up!

Also, I'm almost completely recovered from one of the nastiest stomach bugs I've ever encountered. At one point, I couldn't even keep water down for a 24-hour period. I'm so glad to be better, and actually able to eat and move again. Never thought of them as huge blessings, or luxuries, even, but now I'm reminded how important they really are. Thank you, Lord!

While I was sick, I started watching the first season of Supernatural, as I promised [livejournal.com profile] ellentessie. Stuff gets a bit too spooky and icky for my tastes, but I love watching the Winchester brothers. One minute, they're pulling pranks on each other; the next, they're going nuts trying to protect each other. Awww. I finished all 22 episodes in about 4 days. Maybe I'm addicted--just maybe.

Hope everybody has a lovely Easter! Hug somebody you love, okay? I'm not a hugging sort of person (I'm a porcupine in human form), but I'm going to make the effort.
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I hope everyone has a happy (and safe) day, whether they're running around trying to find a good seat to watch some fireworks, or working, or just relaxing at home. :)


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